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Did You Run the Cowtown?

Are you one of those crazy people who ran the Cowtown Marathon, half marathon, ultra, or any of the races this weekend? If so, how are you feeling today? Soreness is obviously normal after huge athletic events, but the question is: Are you doing everything in your power to overcome that soreness?

Recovery can be supplemented in several different ways that really all boil down to increasing blood flow. People can make all kinds of explanations for why certain products or techniques work better than others, and some have validity and some do not. Blood flow is the ultimate healer, it carries in good stuff and carries away bad stuff. The techniques that work and feel the best for you is where the decision making comes in to play.

Different treatment techniques for increased blood flow:

Active Recovery- This means doing a low level exercise routine. This could be an easy bike ride, a power walk, a light jog, or maybe playing the back yard with your dogs or kiddos. Aquatic exercise is also a great form of active recovery.

Manual therapy- This means a massage! Who doesn't like this option?? I would urge you to find a specialist, like a physical therapist, that will have more understanding of post-exercise soreness.

Cupping- Made famous by the Olympians. The treatment that creates the most noticeable/characteristic bruising I have ever seen. Cupping is specific suction that pulls blood to the surface and in turn increases blood flow to the targeted tissue.

Compression- Compression is a very healthy way to circulate fluids within the body. It works based on the same principles as your own muscles. When muscles activate they squeeze, and move fluid throughout your body including blood and waste products. So a newer form of recovery is compression machines, that let you and your muscles relax as they compress and move fluid. (See picture)

If you just ran a marathon (or performed in any other type of athletic event) you probably do not need help with all of these types of therapy. However, if your soreness is more intense or lasting longer than you would like, come see Legacy Physical Therapy and wellness and let us help get you back to feeling yourself.

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