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Are you paying more for physical therapy?

First and foremost, do you know if you have a coinsurance or copay plan?

Coinsurance plans- These plans are set up to where you pay your providers rates until you have met your deductible. When you have met your deductible you then pay a percentage of that charge (typically between 20% and 50%).

Copay- These are the simple ones, you pay a predetermined amount to every provider until you have met your out of pocket limit.

If you have a coinsurance plan, keep reading!

Different providers have different contracted rates with your insurance company, and some of those are much more than others! If you have a coinsurance plan, and have not met your deductible you could pay DOUBLE the amount of money for PT at a clinic that is considered a facility.

Facility- Any place associated with a hospital. This means they bill under the hospitals umbrella and the insurance companies allow them to charge almost double the price of a stand alone office.

For example: Legacy Physical Therapy charges someone with Blue Cross Blue Shield around $20 a unit. A large hospital chain can charge almost $45 for that same exact amount of time!

Do you have questions about how much your physical therapy should cost you? Call us any time at 817-756-5366, or send us a message on our website.

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