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Come on in!

Texas is a great place to live. The people are kind, the weather is great (albeit bipolar, but great), the BBQ and Mexican food is unparalleled, and now we have direct access!

Direct Access means that a person who is in pain or not moving as well as they should be can come straight to physical therapy. No referral needed!

"Why is this such a big deal Kelley?" Well I am glad you asked!

Previously there was a significant shortage of providers in Texas, especially in rural communities. This is why it could take up to 2 weeks to see the doctor when you need them. So lets play out a scenario.... You hurt your back playing with the kids in the yard, you give it the old 'I'll just take it easy for a few days' and it doesn't get much better. You call the doctor and wait your two weeks, at that appointment you get an X-ray and ibuprofen and a referral to see the orthopedic doctor. It takes one week for that office to call you, another 10 days to get an appointment, at that appointment they schedule an MRI - 3 days to schedule, 3 days to get done, 3 days to read it. AFTER ALL OF THAT the doctor may send you to PT! You could have been here over a month ago!! We could possibly have you already back to feeling yourself!

I'm tired even after writing that out.

The next question PT's get a lot when discussing direct access is: "What if something is really wrong?" I am not telling you not to see your doctor. I am not telling you I have X-ray vision. I AM telling you that there are other options for things that you may not have thought were options. There is also research out there saying that PT's are just as effective if not more so at finding 'red flags' or serious issues than PCP's.

So here's the long and short:

- If you are hurting- don't wait! Get in here and lets get you started.

- You should feel safe seeing a PT- We take extensive courses on diagnosis and we can tell you when things are more serious and you may need to see a specialist. (This is why our degree is now a doctoral degree instead of a masters, the diagnosis element is now completely covered!)

Plus, Look at how pretty it is.

Make an appointment with a few clicks online at

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Call Jessie at the office: 817-756-5366

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